22.08.2017 17:48:22

AUGUST 2nd decade

AUGUST 2nd decade

Second decade of August started by rather cool and rainy weather. There fell about 15 mm of rain in hop-growing area. Warming came in the middle of second decade and maximum temperature rose up to 30 °C. Such a warm weather terminated last two days of this decade. Cold front brought precipitation and considerable fall in temperature. Storms went through the whole Saaz region during that time and brought 5 to 10 mm of precipitation, depending on localities. The health state of hops is mainly very good. Damage caused by downy mildew is visible only at small part of areas, primarily at hop-gardens situated next to body of water and hop-gardens adjoining forest cover. Fogs emerging in such areas cause higher air humidity and therefore higher infection pressure of downy mildew as well. Animal pests are completely eradicated at present and do not cause any trouble in hop protection. Later hybrid varieties are now at the end of hop cone creating phase, while majority of Saaz semi-early red bine hop plants reached harvesting ripeness. Majority hop-growers started already the harvest. Petrohradska s.r.o. was the first farm of TOP HOP Group that started the harvest on Friday, August 18th. On picking machines big density of cones can be seen but side shoots are short and cones are smaller.

Autor: T.K.

10.6.2022 15:20

Building irrigation

On the Chmelex farm excavation work for drop tanks...  more >>

4.4.2022 12:24:51

Cutting of root stocks

Last week March we started cutting root stocks......  more >>

17.12.2021 10:15:23

PF 2022

PF 2022...  more >>

22.8.2021 22:53

Treatment by crop dusters

On Thursday 19.8. we did the last spray ......  more >>

30.6.2021 7:53


On Thursday 24.6. In 2021, in the afternoon, ......  more >>

26.04.2021 12:01:19

We are 30 years old!

Hi colleagues, friends and business partners! ......  more >>

30.03.2021 18:01:19

Spring works in hop gardens

At the end of March, spring works began in hop ......  more >>

02.02.2021 13:45:46

Winter time in hop-gardens

After several year we have snow in hop-gardens :-)...  more >>

18.12.2020 10:42:42

PF 2021

M.B....  more >>


The harvest is over, planting of new hop gardens is running

At V. F. HUMULUS took place the certification of...  more >>

19.08.2020 21:41:10

Crop duster above hop gardens

On Monday 17.8. the last treatment of hop gardens...  more >>

19.08.2020 21:28:07

Saint Lawrence day

On Monday 10.8. was the feast of St. Lawrence. Hop...  more >>

03.07.2020 11:59:28

White cows Charolais

On the farms of the TOP HOP company, in addition t...  more >>

08.04.2020 12:08:58

Smart hop gardens

This year we will test the metodology of prognosis...  more >>

08.04.2020 16:08:58

Spring works are running

After this year's warm winter, which was...  more >>

07.04.2020 09:57:59

Measures against Covid-19

Our company applies all legal regulations concerni...  more >>

16.12.2019 16:05:58

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020...  more >>

22.11.2019 11:44:48

BrauBeviale 2019

BrauBeviale, one of the biggest international exh...  more >>

23.09.2019 16:49:09

Hop checking

End of September and October is the time when the...  more >>

23.09.2019 16:22:08

Lobkowicz Group on visit hop gardens

Mr. Kenneth Xiaokun Li, the member of board of dir...  more >>

06.09.2019 12:25:20

Visit from Heineken breweries

Representatives of the brewery Heineken Czech Repu...  more >>

06.09.2019 12:19:49

Visit from the brewery Budějovický Budvar

On Monday 2.9. representatives of the brewery Bude...  more >>

02.09.2019 21:27:29

Visit from Pilsner Urquell Breweries

On Tuesday 27.8. representatives of Pilsner Urquel...  more >>

21.08.2019 22:33:33

The hop harvest has begun!

Since Monday 19.8. we are gradually beginning...  more >>

17.08.2019 06:11:10

Duster airplane above hop gardens

On 14th and 15th August the hop gardens were treat...  more >>

14.08.2019 11:05:55

Knight of the Hop Order

At the IHGC hop congress in Slovenia, Mr. Luboš Ho...  more >>

02.08.2019 15:19:17

Grain harvest is continung, hop cones are forming!

Grain harvesting started on the farms of the TOP H...  more >>

17.06.2019 16:07:20

Research in Kamifurano

Representatives of TOP HOP and EAT visited Hokkaid...  more >>

07.06.2019 13:37:22

Visit from Sapporo Brewery

Vice President of Japanese Sapporo Brewery came......  more >>

19.05.2019 21:46:58

Saaz Hops on the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague

Saaz semi-early red bine hop plants from our...  more >>

07.05.2019 10:48:48

Our visit in Budweiser Budvar

On the 2.5. a meeting in České Budějovice took pla...  more >>

02.05.2019 22:24:33

Spring works in hop-gardens

The favorable weather conditions and the absence o...  more >>

28.03.2019 14:29:11

Visit from Sapporo Brewery

On February 22nd representatives of the Sapporo Br...  more >>

01.01.2019 11:36:58

Happy Holidays!

Dear business partners and friends, We would li...  more >>

11.12.2018 15:49:51


Our company participated in BrauBeviale, the most...  more >>

30.10.2018 20:18:19

BrauBeviale 2018

Dear business partners, our presence at BrauBevi...  more >>

30.10.2018 20:15:22

Hop checking for Sapporo

Representatives of Sapporo Breweries Ltd. payed a...  more >>

14.10.2018 10:21:17

Representatives of Suntory Beer on a visit to Horesedly plant

Representatives of Suntory Beer Limited and Suntor...  more >>

08.10.2018 19:28:36

Inspection and Certification of Hop Rootstocks for Autumn 2018

On the basis of a request for the inspection of .....  more >>

07.09.2018 13:53:33

The hop harvesting of Saaz fine aroma hops on TOP HOP Group farms finished

On 7th September 2018, we finished the harvest of...  more >>

13.08.2018 13:06:28

Preharvest visit from Sapporo

Mr. Koie from Sapporo Breweries accompanied by Mr....  more >>

13.08.2018 11:02:29

Airplane above the hop gardens

Early morning on 7th and 8th August the last treat...  more >>

13.08.2018 10:40:04

Sapporo Breweries President on visit to Saaz area

Mr. Hideya Takashima, President of Sapporo Breweri...  more >>

14.06.2018 11:43:18

Our visit by a Japanese hop grower

Representatives of TOP HOP Ltd. visited hop farmer...  more >>

29.03.2018 14:05:26

Production of virus-free hop rootstocks

V.F.HUMULUS prepared new mother plants...  more >>

07.03.2018 12:06:20

Restart of beer brewing

After 50 years, beer production in the township of...  more >>

15.01.2018 14:12:03

Our best hop suppliers 2017

In the end of the year 2017 we met our hop supplie...  more >>

27.09.2017 15:23:39

drinktec 2017

Our company participated in the international trad...  more >>

05.09.2017 13:09:59


The hop harvest of Saaz hops is in progress at all...  more >>

04.09.2017 14:03:59


Six representatives of Plzensky Prazdroj (Pilsner...  more >>

29.08.2017 15:13:41


Dear business partners, You are sincerely invited...  more >>

22.08.2017 17:48:22

AUGUST 2nd decade

Second decade of August started by rather cool and...  more >>

17.08.2017 00:03:38


The last chemical treatment against Peronospora is...  more >>

13.08.2017 22:59:03

AUGUST 1st decade

First decade of August brought very warm weather,...  more >>

01.08.2017 23:51:30

JULY 3rd decade

The third decade of July in its middle brought coo...  more >>

22.07.2017 22:07:15

JULY 2nd decade

The warm weather continued in the second decade o...  more >>

11.07.2017 18:55:51

JULY 1st decade

The weather of the beginning of the first July dec...  more >>

23.05.2017 09:01:14


Mr. Gavin Fleming, Raw Material Consultant of Anhe...  more >>

28.02.2017 15:27:46


Mr. Koie of Sapporo breweries visited our company...  more >>

14.12.2016 22:55:12

BrauBeviale 2016

Top Hop company took part in BrauBeviale trade fai...  more >>

02.11.2016 10:00:00


Our company participated at China Brew&China Beve...  more >>

08.09.2016 08:39:22


The representatives of Pilsner Urquell paid a visi...  more >>

08.09.2016 08:22:30


Every year also representatives of craft breweries...  more >>

06.09.2016 13:25:32


Two representatives of Staropramen Prague (Molson...  more >>

07.08.2016 11:23:55


On Friday 5th August 2016 Mr. Uemoto from Sapporo...  more >>

18.03.2016 15:00:10


Mr. Uemoto of Sapporo breweries visited our compan...  more >>

24.11.2015 07:54:27

BrauBeviale 2015

Our company participated in BrauBeviale 2015 one o...  more >>

17.08.2015 11:06:59

Preharvest visit from Sapporo brewery

On 7th August 2015 Mr. Koie, Mr. Uemoto and Miss T...  more >>

17.08.2015 10:55:15

55th Congress of IHGC

The 55th International Hop Growers´Convention Cong...  more >>

08.07.2015 10:56:54


Mr. Tsutomu Kamijo, President and CEO of Sapporo H...  more >>

20.05.2015 13:11:54

VIP visit from Sapporo Breweries in Saaz

Mr. Masaki Oga, President of Sapporo Breweries and...  more >>

07.05.2015 09:39:12

SIAL China 2015

TOP HOP Ltd. has its information stand at the inte...  more >>

24.03.2015 08:22:38

New laboratory equipment

Early March 2015 the new instrument GC-MS/MS was i...  more >>

03.03.2015 11:49:26


Messrs. Koie and Uemoto of Sapporo breweries visit...  more >>

17.12.2014 14:54:44

PF 2015

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2...  more >>

18.11.2014 10:11:11

BRAU Beviale 2014

The representatives of our company participated in...  more >>

15.08.2014 12:34:58


Attached photo showing interesting view of our hop...  more >>

15.08.2014 12:31:51


Just before the harvest we took new pictures from...  more >>

11.08.2014 15:03:23

Hop-garden checking before harvest

Mr. Koichiro Koie from Sapporo brewery paid a visi...  more >>

07.03.2014 07:45:26

Visitor from Sapporo brewery (2)

The photo shows Mr. Koie handing over the award fo...  more >>

07.03.2014 07:39:11

Visitor from Sapporo Brewery (1)

On February 28th, 2014 Mr. Koichiro Koie from Japa...  more >>

09.12.2013 14:20:37

PF 2014

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2...  more >>

15.08.2013 13:10:18

IHGC Congress in Belgium

The International Hop Growers´Convention Congress...  more >>

16.04.2013 12:34:11

Brew Expo America 2013

At the end of March we participated in Craft Brewe...  more >>

12.03.2013 12:49:51

Notice of laboratory´s address change

V.F. HUMULUS Co., Ltd. moved its laboratories from...  more >>

15.01.2013 10:21:37

TOP HOP Ltd. successfully certified

Audits of ISO9001 and HACCP by TÜV Süd Czech were...  more >>

15.01.2013 10:13:02

BrauBeviale in Nuremberg

In November 13.-15. we participated in BrauBeviale...  more >>

10.01.2013 10:15:49

Vietbrew 2012

In October in Saigon we also introduced our new va...  more >>

27.09.2012 14:17:50

China Brew 2012 exhibition

TOP HOP Ltd. participated in China Brew 2012 exhib...  more >>

04.09.2012 16:07:19

Information on the new variety SAAZ SPECIAL

Harvest of the new variety SAAZ SPECIAL started on...  more >>

04.09.2012 14:36:06

Processing line in Horesedly

The installation of production facilities was fini...  more >>

04.09.2012 14:33:01

Air-conditioned warehouse in Horesedly

Storage of hops is running in our new air-conditio...  more >>

24.08.2012 08:31:33

Hop harvest 2012 started

Hop harvest in Saaz hop region started in the days...  more >>

01.08.2012 15:55:03

World Brewing Congress in the USA

Our company participated in World brewing congress...  more >>

01.08.2012 15:40:42

Hop processing line in Horesedly

The installation of production facilities is proce...  more >>

01.08.2012 15:34:58

Air-conditioned warehouse in Horesedly

Cooling system tests are going on. Hop storage tes...  more >>

04.07.2012 08:14:19

Processing line in Horesedly

The installation of technology is going on in proc...  more >>

04.07.2012 08:09:10

Air-conditioned warehouse in Horesedly

Presently the installation of storage racks is goi...  more >>

05.06.2012 10:43:25

TOP HOP Ltd. is building a new processing plant

TOP HOP Co. Ltd. started the build-up of a new war...  more >>

14.05.2012 10:14:31

Brew-Expo America

Representatives of TOP HOP Ltd. participated at Cr...  more >>

10.05.2012 12:58:58


Highly honourable visitor from Japan - Mr. Fumiaki...  more >>

02.04.2012 14:53:15


After successful registration testing by Central I...  more >>

14.12.2011 07:57:52

PF 2012

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2...  more >>

11.05.2011 15:01:31

Visit of Trinity Procurement

On 9th May representatives of SABMiller brewing gr...  more >>

29.04.2011 15:27:08

Registration tests of new hop variety

V.F. HUMULUS Ltd. company bred a new hop variety (...  more >>